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Stop trying to learn the hiragana by staring at a list or a table, or mindlessly writing them over and over again! Stop trying to learn the hiragana individually using flash cards! Stop letting poorly designed teaching methods frustrate you, and hold back your progress!

Kanachan's Read the Hiragana is the fastest way to learn how to read the hiragana, your first step in serious Japanese study. This app was designed and developed by professional university-level Japanese instructors. You will learn to read the characters using the time tested and proven mnemonics approach, using simple stories that relate the form of each character to previous knowledge for ease of acquisition. You will be guided through learning each character and character combination one at a time.

Kanachan gives you practice words composed only of characters that you have studied so far, allowing you to practice new characters while simultaneously reviewing previous material. The repetition algorithm pinpoints your trouble spots, and doesn't waste your time with material you've already learned.

Kanachan's Read the Hiragana also promotes contextual learning. You will only study the hiragana in the context of real Japanese words, never as isolated, meaningless sounds. Native speaker recordings allow you to practice your pronunciation and intonation as well, and the built-in record feature allows you to easily comparison to native speech.

Kanachan’s Read the Hiragana allows you to use all features of the application for the first 100 cards before committing to purchase, so you will know exactly what you are getting before you pay anything. When you decide to upgrade, a simple in-app purchase allows you to retain all of your previous data for uninterrupted learning.

Program features

  • Designed and developed by professional Japanese instructors
  • Guides you through learning all modern hiragana and hiragana combinations
  • Learn using creative imagination, not brute force memorization
  • Optionally speed up your break from "the romaji crutch" by hiding romanizations
  • Over 400 reading practice cards
  • High quality recordings of native pronunciation of all characters and words
  • User voice recording for direct comparison with native pronunciation and intonation
  • Detailed learning statistics to track your progress
  • Interactive hiragana chart for review of characters and mnemonics
  • Portrait and landscape modes to suit your preference
  • All data is stored locally—no 3G or WiFi connection required
  • "Built-in" video tutorial
  • All program features enabled for the first 100 cards

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